Åbossa is multicultural & unique platform connecting artists from different backgrounds both musically and geographically. Our aim is to make the world better place for music lovers and give artists a possibility to leave a personal footprint to the city’s musical heritage.

At the moment Åbossa has acts like Åbossa Presents, Live Club and Podcast. Åbossa Live Club is small and intimate concert series that take place in our partners places:  Åbossa Live Club.

Åbossa Podcast is Finnish-spoken music podcast dealing with topical subjects on music and the world around us.

Åbossa Presents is a studio live sessions introducing new acts.

The first studio session was done with Turku-based artist Dzakali and Brazilian Samba singer Karine Telles. The video was produced in Turku, Finland.

Next Studio Session will involve stina Agustsdottir (https://www.stinaagustsdottir.com/) in an Åbossa project with Local Musician 18th September 2021 Pargas.

Its all about Jazz…

When Germany’s president Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited Iceland in 2019, the country’s favorite jazz singer, Stina Agustsdottir, was flown in from Stockholm to sing for him. The year after, Stina performed in front of a sold-out Harpa concert hall with the Reykjavik Big Band and during the pandemic she has been busy writing and rehearsing for upcoming concerts and albums.

Stina is born in Iceland, but has lived in London, Copenhagen, Montreal where she studied jazz at Concordia University, and now she resides in Stockholm. Stinas third solo album, Jazz á íslensku (Jazz in Icelandic) was nominated as jazz/blues album of the year at the 2017 Icelandic Music Awards. Stina was nominated as jazz/blues artist of the year in 2021 and ‘I don’t want to sleep’ from her last trio album, The Whale (Smekkleysa, Border music), was nominated as song of the year. Stina has twice been voted as one of the top local jazz acts in Montreal and has received wonderful reviews for live performances at jazz festivals and concerts in Scandinavia and N-America. Her last trio album has received fantastic reviews around Scandinavia and is currently on several playlists of radio stations around the region. 

Stina is currently working on her fourth solo album that will be recorded in July and released later this year.